Voting district maps crafted by Republican lawmakers advance

Voting district maps crafted by Republican lawmakers advance

On Monday, North Carolina Republicans advanced a proposed congressional district map for the next decade that, if enacted, would give the GOP a clear advantage — placing 10 out of 14 congressional seats in favor of the Republican Party

The Princeton Gerrymandering Project gave the plan an “F” grade for partisan fairness, for it’s bias towards Republican seats. Amid the release of proposed congressional and House maps, North Carolina voters and advocacy groups have called out the blatant effort by Republicans to manipulate the maps to heavily favor their party while diminishing the voices of voters living in various communities across the state.

Once again, state redistricting leaders have failed to listen to North Carolinians. The lack of transparency, last-minute public hearings, and difficulty for voters to view proposed maps makes it all too clear that Republicans chose to completely disregard their words.

Bottom Line:

GOP politicians bent the rules that ensure equal representation to yet again draw safe Republican seats to lock in power for the next decade and deprive communities of color of their constitutional rights to fair political representation.

As a resident of Orange County stated in a recent public hearing, “This is gerrymandering at its worst”.

Want to ensure you and your community have fair representation? Contact your state legislators and tell them to oppose the proposed maps from GOP leadership.

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Alanna Joyner

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