Anniversary of the Attack on U.S. Capitol

Anniversary of the Attack on U.S. Capitol

Today marks one year since armed right-wing militants attacked our country – storming the U.S. Capitol while waving symbols of white supremacy.

One year since Trump and his Republican allies attempted to undermine the will of the people and our freedom as voters to choose the leaders that represent us.

One year since seven of North Carolina’s 10 Republican members of Congress voted to reject Arizona’s presidential election results – failing to uphold their constitutional duty, and putting the nation, and their colleagues at serious risk.

The anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection arrives as the congressional committee continues to examine the events leading up to the attack, which resulted in several deaths, dozens injured and hundreds of workers in the Capitol traumatized.

Across the nation, communities are coming together on Jan. 6th to remember those who protected our country from an insurrection, and to support and honor the many elected officials and volunteers who protected our votes, and demanded swift action from our leaders.

Amid continued acts to jeopardize and sacrifice democratic principles, both across the nation and in North Carolina, we must not forget what happened — and we must come together on this anniversary to demand our leaders pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to protect our freedom to vote and prevent the MAGA faction from sabotaging our future elections.

We also urge our Justice Department not only to hold those accountable who defy congressional subpoenas, but to fully investigate individuals, including current or former government officials, for their connection with the attack on the Capitol.

As U.S. Capitol Officers in a recent editorial stated, “It will not be enough to identify and punish only those who physically attacked the Capitol and tried to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power. The American people deserve to know who played any role in planning or financing the events that led to the attack, who failed to take timely action to warn of and prepare for the impending violence, and who failed or refused to send timely reinforcements to defend the Capitol and come to the aid of the officers bearing the brunt of the attack”.

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