Quick-moving North Carolina redistricting suit trial begins this week

Quick-moving North Carolina redistricting suit trial begins this week

A fast-moving trial over North Carolina’s new voting maps kicked off Monday, with expert testimony establishing the state’s Republican lawmakers used 2021 voting maps to give themselves an advantage in state legislative and congressional elections.

The maps in question would give Republican candidates clear advantages in 10 of 14 congressional seats. Mathematicians, political scientists, and other expert testimonies have all pointed out what we know to be true: Voting maps drawn by the North Carolina General Assembly’s Republican majority were designed to help elect Republicans.

Historically, NC Republican lawmakers have repeatedly tried to give themselves unfair political advantages through racially-motivated gerrymandering that dilutes our communities’ voices and blocks us from having fair representation.

In recent days, experts have highlighted that the current maps play on the same tactics of old; giving Republicans an advantage over ensuring North Carolinians are being fairly represented in Congress and in the state legislature.

Bottom Line:

North Carolinians have made it clear that they want electoral maps that give everyone fair representation and reflect our communities as a whole.

It will be up to this panel of judges, and perhaps ultimately the NC Supreme Court to safeguard our elections from political gerrymandering, as seen in the latest maps, and protect North Carolinians interests.

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Alanna Joyner

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