On first day back in legislature, NCGOP shows priority is sowing chaos, not governing

On first day back in legislature, NCGOP shows priority is sowing chaos, not governing

Wednesday marked the beginning of the North Carolina Legislature’s new two-year session and Republicans in the House wasted no time showing that their focus will be on stealing power and not governing.

House Speaker Tim Moore held a vote on new rules for the chamber which would allow him to call for a vote on any of Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes without providing any notice, according to WRAL. The rules passed on a party-line vote.

Republicans have a supermajority in the state Senate and are one seat shy of having one in the House. If one single Democrat is not in the House, for any reason, Moore can call a vote and override a veto with a supermajority of Republicans.

By passing this rules change, Moore and his fellow Republicans are resorting to “gotcha” tactics and cheating instead of acting in good faith on behalf of those who elected them.

Moore has once again shown that he’s more interested in consolidating his own power than governing for the betterment of North Carolina and its residents.

Moore’s rules change will create a workplace that is hostile to working parents, those with illnesses, caregivers and others by throwing out important rules on schedules.

What the speaker is doing should not come as any surprise to anyone who has followed his career, but that doesn’t make these changes any less of a disgrace to his office and the legislature as a whole.

North Carolinians deserve a transparent and accountable legislature. Tim Moore and the NCGOP are making sure that doesn’t happen. 

Call House Speaker Tim Moore and tell him to stop undermining our government and allow all representatives to participate: 919-733-3451.

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Patrick Zarcone

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