What’s Next For Reproductive Rights in NC

What’s Next For Reproductive Rights in NC

The North Carolina Legislature is now back for its new two-year session and it’s likely the biggest battle will be over abortion restrictions.

It’s well-known that North Carolina Republicans are opposed to abortion, but there is some disagreement between Senate leader Phil Berger and House speaker Tim Moore on when to ban the medical procedure – Berger supports 13 weeks and Moore is in favor of a 6-week “heartbeat” ban. 

That disagreement could lead to issues for the NCGOP.

  • Catawba College political science professor Michael Bitzer told WRAL that this intra-party debate will be a test of party unity. 
  • If passed, a 13-week ban would make North Carolina the 18th most restrictive state in the country on abortion, WRAL reported.
  • Despite all the talk about restrictions and bans, abortion remains safe and legal up to 20 weeks of pregnancy in North Carolina.

Something important to keep in mind about any abortion legislation that comes to the floor for a vote is that Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who doesn’t believe abortion should be legal in any case despite having paid for an abortion in 1989, holds the tie-breaking vote in the state Senate.

Regardless of what happens, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic’s Jillian Riley told WRAL that her group will fight any new restrictions on abortion.

“No amount of exceptions will make this okay. This is a fundamental human right that we’re talking about,” she said.

If you’re looking for resources on abortion in North Carolina, the ACLU has put together a guide.

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