From WRAL: All former NC chief justices voice opposition to two amendments

First, every living former governor of NC spoke out against two amendments that seek to do away with the separation of powers in our state. Now, every living former chief justice of the state Supreme Court is also publicly opposing the amendments. When this many leaders on both sides of the aisle strongly oppose these amendments, we know they must be bad for North Carolina.

From WRAL:

As the North Carolina General Assembly leadership prepared Thursday to rewrite a pair of constitutional amendment proposals to satisfy a court ruling, all six of the former chief justices of the state Supreme Court came out against them.

In a statement Thursday, the retired justices – Rhoda B. Billings, James G. Exum, Henry E. Frye, I. Beverly Lake, Burley B. Mitchell, Jr. and Sarah E. Parker – added their names to a long list of lawyers and five former governors on both sides of the aisle who oppose the amendments.

“All of us will vote against these two amendments. We urge you to vote against them. And, we urge you to join us in advocating for their defeat,” the lawyers wrote.

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