WFMY: North Carolina Republicans Lose General Assembly Supermajority

WFMY: North Carolina Republicans Lose General Assembly Supermajority

Despite unconstitutional maps favoring Republicans, North Carolina voters sent a strong message that the GOP agenda of continued attacks on health care, cuts to public education, gutting of clean water rules, and reckless tax cuts for millionaires and big corporations is coming to an end.

From WFMY:

The balance of power in North Carolina shifted during Tuesday’s midterm elections as enough Democrats seemingly won races at the state level to break up the Republican Party’s veto-proof supermajority in the House and Senate.

All results are still unofficial until absentee ballots are counted and some races could be close enough to trigger recounts to declare the winner.

There will still be a majority of Republicans in both chambers of the General Assembly but things will be much tighter in the House. Heading into Tuesday’s elections, Republicans held a 75-45 advantage in the House. Now, it’s projected to be 66-54, although the close race between Republican Bill Brawley and Democrat Rachel Hunt in Mecklenburg County could shift a seat.

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