N.C. immigrants, allies vow to resist ramped-up ICE enforcement actions

N.C. immigrants, allies vow to resist ramped-up ICE enforcement actions

Increased ICE enforcement actions across 12 counties in North Carolina, are causing concerns for many communities. Since January, ICE agents have detained over 32 people in 10 counties, including 16 in Raleigh recently.

In response, community members, immigrants and allies, are vowing to protect their families and neighbors as Trump’s ICE agents continue to invade communities.

From NC Policy Watch:

According to witnesses, ICE agents have seized fathers from outside their homes in front of their children, arrested sons at court appointments in front of local officials and detained nephews at probation appointments in front of their officers. And while many no longer feel safe in their communities, immigrants say they are fighting back.

“ICE is attacking our immigrant community financially, spiritually and by instilling fear in all of our hearts,” said Kelly Morales of Siembra NC. “We are not going to let them. This is our community, our families, our resistance, and we won’t sit idle as ICE continues to separate our families and leaves our children without their fathers.”

At a press conference last week, Morales announced two new initiatives to respond to the increase in ICE activity: a $10,000 “solidarity fund” to which impacted families will be able to apply for emergency cash assistance, and a probation and court accompaniment program, dubbed “No One Goes Alone.”

“We know that there is no accountability for ICE activities without us present,” Morales said. “We have seen ICE violate the constitutional rights of our immigrant community members by making threats and breaking car windows without warrants.… These volunteers will be trained to safeguard the rights of their immigrant neighbors, protecting public safety in all counties.”

According to Siembra NC, there have been over 31 children separated from their families since the ICE operation began in January. Last year, a  national report from Syracuse University, found that 64 percent of the immigrants in ICE custody had no criminal convictions.

ICE’s actions have not gone unnoticed by numerous communities across North Carolina. These arrests and detention centers undermine the judicial system that protects all communities, regardless of background. 

Instead of North Carolinians having to protect their own, lawmakers need to step up and stop allowing ICE to violate the rights of immigrants and sow fear into the numerous communities, children, and families across the state. 

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