State GOP lawmakers try to limit teaching about race, racism

State GOP lawmakers try to limit teaching about race, racism

Across the country, governors and state legislatures in Republican-controlled states are attempting to limit or block educators from teaching about racism in public schools and colleges, a reaction to the nation’s racial reckoning after last year’s police killing of George Floyd. 

In a coordinated effort by the GOP, at least 16 state legislatures, including Republicans in North Carolina General Assembly, are considering or have signed into law bills that would limit the teaching of certain ideas linked to systemic racism and the teaching of the history of our country in schools.

In the past few months, Republicans have spent more time using their position and privilege to undermine our educators and strip away vital skills from students than undoing their decades of underinvestment in public schools and educators across our state.

Bottom Line:

There has never been a more important time to adequately invest in teachings that will help our students live and work in an increasingly diverse society and empower them to be the change they seek. Yet, Republicans are prioritizing their own discomfort and promoting race-based fear for political gain over policies that will provide children in the state with access to sound, basic education and educators with resources to meet the educational needs of every student. 

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Alanna Joyner

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